Have you noticed that Vanessa has kind of been following Ashley’s hair trends lately? Shortly after Ashley cut her hair, Vanessa cut hers. Just recently, Ashley colored the tips of her hair.. Now Vanessa’s dyed the lower portion of her hair! Kinda cute how they inspire each other. :)

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"When love is not madness it is not love."
— Pedro Calderón de la Barca (via hqlines)

DYING over how cute Travis Clark and Jenny Robinson’s engagement photos are! Makes me wish we got more of Chris and Ashley’s engagement photos..

On one hand I respect the fact that Ashley and Chris want their privacy. But on the other hand, I wish they weren’t so private. I still wish they would’ve uploaded more pictures from the wedding, and not just photo booth pictures.

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Oscar Pistorius is definitely guilty of premeditated murder, and I can’t believe the judge thought otherwise. His story doesn’t make even sense and the evidence doesn’t support it. First of all.. If you were in a relationship, a happily committed relationship, why would you feel the need to lock the bathroom door at 2 in the morning when your partner is supposedly sleeping? Unless you felt unsafe around the person? And I’m sorry, but lights on or not, who doesn’t still check to see if their boyfriend or girlfriend is next to them if they wake up and hear a noise? It takes a single second to reach over and feel if they’re there. It’s not like it would’ve taken up a whole lot of time. He still could’ve reached over, felt to see if she was next to him and THEN get up to go for his gun if he truly thought there was an intruder.

It was made aware in the courtroom that Oscar and Reeva fought quite a bit towards the end of their relationship, especially through text. One message in particular that Reeva sent to Oscar, which stood out to me.. “I’m scared of you sometimes and how you snap at me.” There’s no doubt in my mind that they fought on the night of her death. I believe that she was ready to end things with him, which of course didn’t make Oscar happy. I think they fought and Oscar got violent, which probably made Reeva fear for her life. Causing her to run into the bathroom and lock the door to get away from him. Oscar then went for his gun and fired 4 shots through the door, knowing that she was in there.

If he couldn’t have her, no one else could. He intended to harm her. Oscar Pistorius is GUILTY.

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"As Americans we do not give into fear. When you harm our citizens, when you threaten the United States, when you threaten our allies, it doesn’t frighten us. It unites us."
— President Barack Obama
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went book shopping today and got lost at least four times. by_kathrynvarn (by cheateate)