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I’m a big fan of…but c’mon..stop kissing ashley’s ass so much! its so annoying. Honestly Ashley hasn’t been working much and losing her relevance in the industry. So she should be happy that people are even taking their time and energy to find these pictures. I feel like are just trying to get on Ashley’s good side in hopes of being friends with her or something..but that will NEVER happen, so just STOP! 

And, it’s not like ashrares are posting nudes or any photos that will tarnish her image…


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Anonymous: I think ATorg post didnt start from them. Um, what I mean is... ashley is never going to "vent" on her socials about such things, unlike ashrares said on their tumblr, so maybe after atorg told ashley and her management they thought a good change to end up this whole thing was to let them her fan site talk about this. in fact, they clearly said that "ashley, her team" and them aren't happy about it, so i wouldn't say they're overreacting. apparently ash isnt liking the rares being out.


until ashley herself personally says she’s upset that the tumblr exists then i’m not going to feel bad for liking and wanting the pictures. atorg has always been shoved so far up ashleys bum that it’s ridiculous. they think they are besties with ashley because they run her fansite. i doubt they have as much “communication” with ashley as they say they do. i don’t take anything they say seriously unless it comes from ashley’s mouth or fingertips

Oh my god, I could not agree with you more! (@suchahotmesswithyou) The owner of the site is such an ass kisser, it’s embarrassing. Not only to Ashley, but towards her friends as well. Especially the girls at Nine Zero One. Not to mention, he copies EVERYTHING that Ashley does. Clothes, hairstyle, the way Ashley talks, her captions, etc. It’s almost obsessive behavior. I think he’s just hoping in the end, all of this will pay off and he’ll somehow become best friends with her, which will never happen. I think he let’s the fact that he has personal contact with her manager go straight to his head. Frankly, he needs to get off his high horse. He runs a little fan site, he’s not the Pope of Toluca Lake. These photos that ashrares are posting have been posted BY ASHLEY at some point or another. (Facebook) Which means, it’s out there for the world to see/get a hold of. It’s not like they hacked into her phone and took them.

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"Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are."
— Ellen DeGeneres (via hqlines)
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"I’m the jealous type. You wanna know why? Because we started off as ‘just friends’ too."
— Frank Ocean

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